I offer a limited number of very relaxed and informal tours for small groups of people. These tours will usually be to southern Iberia, Cyprus or Australia, though I am also happy to lead tours elsewhere in the UK and Europe. My tours are flexible and changeable and will go at the pace which suits you. If you decide that you need a little longer somewhere or even want a day off, that's fine. I am able to produce an itinerary for you and design a tour to suit your requirements and / or lead the tour. Tours can be full on birding, botanising, walking, sightseeing or a mixture of all of these. Please contact me for further details if you think I can be of assistance.

Trip reports

Walking and birding in Southern Iberia including Doñana , February 2019

Southern Iberia including Doñana, rice harvest spectacular - December 2017

Notes from Down Under: In search of the platypus and other paradoxes

Wanderer at 6 o'clock! A southern ocean pelagic

Australian tours
A trip to Australia is a major holiday which most people in the UK will spend a considerable amount of time planning and saving for. Most birding tour companies will offer a full on birding tour for dedicated birders who want to see every possible species in a limited amount of time to make full use of what may be a once in a lifetime experience. These tours are fantastic, but also expensive and hectic. Not everybody wants to experience Australia in this way.

Some people would like to go at a more leisurely pace, seeing as many birds as possible of course but also taking in the culture and seeing some of the sights as well, such as Sydney harbour, the Great Ocean Road or the Great Barrier Reef, as well as perhaps seeing some of the other wildlife such as platypus or koalas. How do you balance sightseeing with getting the most out of your birding? If this is you, I can help.

I have a large amount of experience of birding and observing other wildlife over large parts of Australia and a whole blog dedicated to my trip reports, with more information than is good for anybody! I can provide itineraries to help you get the most out of your holiday to Australia or I can lead the trip. Tours can be full on birding, mammals, walking, sightseeing or a mixture of all of these. Please contact me if you think I can help. The blog is called In search of the platypus and other paradoxes.

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