Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Lowton Bird Observatory, Day 1 - Sand martins and singing blackcap and goldcrest

Ok, prepare for the ride of a lifetime as I take you through the ups and downs of birding in my back garden in Lowton. Prepare to be amazed at the diversity of species that occur in a plethora of habitats and jaw dropping scenery, but please remember that twitching is not allowed at the moment so even though you might be really jealous about the birds and other wildlife which I see, please stick to your own garden and don't call round to see anything which I report here.

The day started well with the now regular blackcap singing from one of the bushes in the garden. This bird first started singing on 9th March when it was a new species for the garden and I had expected it to be gone by now but two weeks later it's still here and its song is getting ever more lustful by the day. However I didn't really start proper birding in the garden until lunchtime, by which time temperatures were rising and three buzzards rode the thermals and a goldcrest sang from next doors conifer.

The highlight of the day was a flock of 10 sand martins which were not only a first for the garden but also my 5th earliest ever date for the species.

I'll be keeping a rolling list of species which I see, starting with this lot:

#1 Blackcap
#2 Buzzard
#3 Collared Dove
#4 Woodpigeon
#5 House Sparrow
#6 Starling
#7 Blackbird
#8 Lesser Black-backed Gull
#9 Greenfinch
#10 Sand Martin
#11 Carrion Crow
#12 Blue Tit
#13 Goldfinch
#14 Canada Goose
#15 Magpie
#16 Mallard
#17 Sparrowhawk
#18 Jackdaw
#19 Dunnock
#20 Stock Dove
#21 Goldcrest
#22 Common Gull

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