Thursday, 8 November 2018

Platypus and a wombat at Finns Reserve, River Yarra

I knew that the footbridge at Finns Reserve over the River Yarra was reputed to be a good place for platypus, but I still didn't expect to see them this easy. Two were showing almost immediately I arrived and over the course of the next hour they showed regularly, though never staying on the surface for long. Two locals who I met on the footbridge told me that a few nights ago they counted nine platypus on this stretch of the river. An iconic Australian animal which so few people have ever seen, yet here they are just 18 km up river from Melbourne CBD. A wonderful experience.

I didn't expect to see a wombat today as well, but this one was right beside the bridge. This was my first wombat, which may seem surprising given that I've visited Australia so often recently but the fact is I've never been within their range before which is actually quite small in the south east corner of the country.

A male eastern grey kangarro, one of a mob of about 10 animals.

The river Yarra.

I even managed a new bird, a long-billed corella.

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