Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Close encounter with a Rose-coloured Starling

So now we know why it's not often seen with the local roaming starling flocks... it prefers to be alone. Sure when the flock lands on the roof or on the nearby aerials it occasionally flies up and joins them, but when the flock leaves the rose-coloured starling drops down alone into the back yards of the houses around the Bowling Green Inn, St Helens and appears to vanish. It's best seen from the alleyway behind Frydays chippy in Robins Lane and if you do see it here it shows really well, often down to a few feet and even more importantly it's not silhouetted against the sky.

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  1. Hi Colin, I went to look for the Starling yesterday got there 8.30 and no starlings to be seen at all. So I went to the café by the chip shop and was told the Starling has been seen at the back of the café down the alley you refer too. I found it in the ivy on the back of the café. However it was looking very tattered and scruffy. It was preening itself quite a lot. I wonder if it roosts in bushes in the back of the overgrown back garden at back of the café. Your photo is showing the bird looking much neater than when I saw it. A neighbour told be he had found it in his garden and his grandson took a photo and put it on the internet and found out what it was. It comes in the garden of his bungalow and takes meely Worms and goes on the fat balls. Regards Alan


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