Sunday, 25 October 2015

Mateeba Wetlands

My first blue-winged kookaburra. All of the others have been laughing kookaburra.

White-bellied sea eagle.

 Mobbed by a whistling kite.

Australian darter

Green pygmy-Goose.

Double-barred or owl finch.

Red-backed fairy-wren.

At least 3000 magpie geese.

Amazingly, two weeks into our holiday and these were our first kangaroos.

Intermediate egret.

Emu with chicks. I still don't know whether or not to quite believe this. I thought emu's were virtually unknown in this part of Australia.

There are a lot of impressive termite mounds in this area.


  1. Hi Colin I really enjoy reading your blog living not far from you. One of your photos today is captioned Zebra Finch but I think should be Bicheno or Owl Finch. Keep up the good work.
    Phil Brown

  2. Thanks Phil. That's because my book shows the picture of zebra finch alongside owl finch, or what it calls double-barred finch. I'll make the change.


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