Sunday, 9 August 2015

Pennington Flash

Drama at Pennington Flash today as the Sabine's gull was attacked by a pike this morning and was lucky to escape with it's life. However, it may only be a temporary reprieve as the bird appears to be no longer feeding and is even reluctant to land, certainly in the hour or so I spent watching it this evening. I don't know if its reluctance is due to fear of pike or from pain when the water touches the wound, but it needs to start feeding normally soon or it's a doomed bird. It was however forced to land on the water when it needed to roost, so with a bit of luck by tomorrow morning it will have recovered from the shock, feed up and then go, back to where it should be, on the ocean.

Also at the flash today, a drake common scoter over by the yacht club and two green sandpipers from Ramsdales.

In the photos below you can clearly see the wound from the earlier attack. On a more frivolous note, I wonder how many times a pike has eaten a Sabine's gull?

The gull could often be seen pecking at the wound, it was clearly causing it discomfort.

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