Monday, 8 December 2014

Paphos lighthouse and the Tombs of the Kings

At Paphos lighthouse today, five greater sand plovers in with a flock of around 50 golden plover. This is a regular wintering spot for the species. Also today, plenty of black redstarts, stonechats, Sardinian warblers and a possible Caspian gull.

These were my first greater sand plovers. This photo shows at least four birds. After watching them for about 10 minutes, these birds flew around the headland, but a fifth appeared almost immediately.

Paphos lighthouse.

Hooded crow

Wow, what a plant! As good as any sand plover!  Growing at the Tomb of the Kings, I'm pretty sure that this is Cyprus cyclamen, but I need to double check when I get home. Most specimens were long since over, but this one plant was still flowering. Edit: No it's not Cyprus cyclamen, it's actually Persian cyclamen (see Avakas gorge 12/12/14 and Baths of Aphrodite 15/12/14).

As far as I'm concerned, cyclamen are right up there with gentians, crocus and alpines. A class above everything else!

Narcissus obsoletus also growing at the Tombs of the Kings. I'm quite into miniature daffs as well!

Anemone coronaria at the Tombs of the Kings.

One of the tombs.


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