Monday, 8 September 2014

The Burren


Lough Gealain, part lough and part turlough.

The neolithic burial tomb Poulnabrone Dolmen.

 Fields of Devil's-bit scabious

Autumn felwort.

Grass of Parnassus


Mountain Avens

 Rosettes of mountain everlasting (catsfoot).

O'Kelly's spotted orchid.

 Shrubby cinquefoil.

Shrubby cinquefoil with devil's-bit scabious at Lough Gealain.

Sea plantain

Eyebright. I keep trying to turn this into Irish eyebright, but the leaves don't look right to me. There was loads of Irish eyebright in flower but I somehow managed to miss photographing any classic examples! Very frustrating.

Black Head.

Rusty Back fern.

Burnet rose.

Wood sage.

A prostrate form of alder buckthorn at Lough Gealain..

Lough Bunny.


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