Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Two-barred Crossbill South Yorkshire

After 40 years of trying, today I caught up with not one but SIX Two-barred Crossbills. An adult female and 5 juveniles have been feeding in larches near Broomhead reservoir, South Yorkshire, for at least the past couple of days, prompting speculation amongst birders present that rather than being part of the recent invasion into the UK, these may be locally (or at least UK) bred birds. There are also 120 Common Crossbills in the area, though I didn't see any of those! I suppose the theory goes, how likely is it that a family party of one adult and five juveniles would get here together from north eastern Europe? I'm not sure, perhaps it happens all of the time or perhaps they're not really a family party, just a group of travellers who have joined up and stayed together. Certainly their numbers seem to be going up with almost every new report.......
UK 391, Year 220.
Bogey birds are falling like dominoes this year, first Greenish Warbler, then Common Rosefinch, then White-tailed Eagle, now Two-barred Crossbill! And all in the past 9 weeks! What next?? No sooner does one become the new bogey bird than it gets ticked and another takes it's place! I'm not sure what my bogey bird is at the moment. Things are moving too fast......
Digi-scoped adult female Two-barred Crossbill.

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