Friday, 7 June 2013

Herps of Corfu

The commonest lizard on Corfu, Dalmation Algyroides. Notice the blue throat of the male, and the extremely long tail.

I think that these two are Green Lizard and Erhard's Wall Lizard (thanks to Mike Brown for helping me out with the latter). Balkan Green Lizard also occurs on Corfu, and is quite difficult to separate from Green Lizard, except that it is usually larger, with a relatively larger head and males often have a yellow throat. This green lizard is, I think, a young animal so size is not really helpful, but it does have a blue throat. However, other photos I have may suggest that it is in fact a young Balkan Green Lizard. We did see a large green lizard at Paleokastritsa which I've put down as Balkan Green Lizard.

Turkish Gecko and Greek Marsh Frog.  The Marsh Frog group is a very difficult group to separate to species level, but fortunately geographical range is usually the key feature, as in this case!

European Pond Terrapin and a youngish Balkan Terrapin.

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