Friday, 14 June 2013

Greenish Warbler - Turton Golf Club, Chapeltown

Greenish Warbler 1
Lesser Redpoll 5

At last! Another bogey bird bites the dust. It took a while to show, but when it did it was at close range and an excellent view. The bird has been singing for a couple of days in woodland adjacent to one of the fairways. This evening was my first opportunity, bar throwing a sicky.....

I had been there for about 90 minutes, during which time there was very little movement or sound from the woodland. With the evening progressing, heavy clouds overhead, the constant threat of rain in the air, the news that there would be no access to the fairway tomorrow due to a tournament, and most of all the brooding presence of so many previous dips hanging over me, it was starting to get a bit depressing. What were the chances of seeing such a small bird well in such dense woodland?

However, at last there was a call which I immediately recognised from the CD I had been playing constantly in the car on the way. A small warbler flew across a clearing, no one dared to breathe for a moment, and then there it was, Greenish Warbler low down in a young pine tree about 10m away. I nearly ran down and kissed it!

It performed admirably for about 5 minutes, though not always visible, during which time its supercillium and pale wing bar were clear to see. A great bird and a great North West tick. Unfortunately I didn't hear it sing, but I can live with that!

UK 387, North West 344, Year 202 (Greenish Warbler)

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