Friday, 7 June 2013


Corfu is a beautiful, lush island, in many ways most un-Greek like, with few ancient ruins and architecture influenced by the Venetians and British. This was my second visit to the island, and I was so impressed the first time that we decided to stay in the same resort and even the same hotel this time. We stayed at the Romanza Hotel in San Stephanos on the North West coast of the island, and despite having now seen most of the famous views on the island, I think that it would be fair to say that in my opinion none surpass the view from San Stephanos, and the Romanza Hotel in particular.

Cape Drastis on the North West tip of the island is about 4 miles from San Stephanos and easily walkable from the hotel, through beautiful countryside.

Many of the Olive groves are dark, dull places, and they're not helped by the annoying practice of putting netting down around the Olive trees in order to catch the olives at harvest time. This may help them collect the olives, but I wish they would roll the nets up after the harvest to allow wildlife back in.

Here are two Olive groves with the nets rolled up (you can just make them out around the base of some of the trees). What a difference a bit of colour makes!

The Romanza Hotel is set in a spectacular location, on the edge of a cliff, with the Albanian mountains as a backdrop.

Spectacular sunsets are a feature of the hotel!

The monastery at Cape Kanoni and Corfu Town. Don't be fooled by the apparent idilic setting at Cape Kanoni, it's right next to the airport and planes almost land on the monastry roof! The start of the runway is about 100m to the right of this photo!

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