Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rainford Mosslands

Yellow Wagtail 4 Clares Moss, Old Coach Road, 1 Dairy Farm Road
Little Owl 1 Old Coach Road
Raven 1 Old Coach Road
Spotted Flycatcher 1 Old Coach Road (not seen by me)
Buzzard 7 Old Coach Road, 3 Berrington's Lane

Male and female Yellow Wagtail, Clare's Moss. The female is an interesting bird. I've put it down as flavisssima (the British race Yellow Wagtail), but looking at the photo, it seems a bit yellower than I expected, especially around the throat, and it's quite well marked around the face, more so than I would have expected on a typical flavissima. The facial marking especially make it look suspiciously like a female flava (European "Blue-headed" race). There have been Blue-headed Yellow Wagtails in this area before, and a pair bred in Dairy Farm Road in 2006.

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  1. Hi Colin, was the Little Owl in a tree?Im hoping the ones where i found them will soon have young. The farmer assures me he will update me when they start feeding them. Was wondering will the owls feed their young continuously during daylight and also when is the latest theyre likely to fledge(could this be any time from late may-late june?)?I read somewhere that they only stay around for about a week before leaving the adult territory.


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