Thursday, 8 November 2012

Old Coach Road

Pink-footed Goose 5000
Fieldfare 100
Redwing 30

Spectacular scenes today, with thousands of geese on the ground and flying around, and Fieldfares cackling away in the hedge. Most geese were near New Cut Lane.


  1. Hi Colin,any sightings of Waxwings yet? Ive heard theyre popping up all over the place, Preston and Knutsford in particular? Will you let me know if you spot any please?Unless i see them first of course!

  2. Hi Andrew, yes they are all over the place at the moment, but I've not really heard of too many in the North West yet. Reports from other areas seem to be saying that the berry crop is relatively small and rapidly being eaten, so they may move into our area very soon.

  3. So get some apples on sticks in your garden and you never know!

    Paul B

  4. They've been in Warrington and Ormskirk today, and yesterday a small flock was reported in Baxters Lane, Sutton, so hopefully we'll get a decent flock any day now.


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