Thursday, 18 October 2012

Eccleston Mere

Kingfisher 5 together along the stream
Nuthatch 1
Treecreeper 2
Great Spotted Woodpecker 2
Little Grebe 1 juv.
Siskin 15
Lesser Redpoll 2
Goldfinch 60
Buzzard 1
Skylark 20 over SW
Goldcrest 5
Coal Tit 1

The Kingfishers were a remarkable sight, one remained sitting in the hedge for a few seconds allowing me to approach quite closely, whilst the other 4 flew off together down the stream. A family party I assume.


  1. That's a very good mornings work Colin, epecially the Kingfishers, amazingly I've yet to see o0ne this year. All the best Gordon.

  2. Thanks Gordon. Ironically, whereas Kingfishers were seen daily in September, they'd become very scarce at the mere during October, so 5 today was a complete surprise.


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