Thursday, 28 July 2011

Quail Ormskirk

I had a very productive bike ride home from Edgehill university today. There was a Quail calling in fields between Ormskirk and Bickerstaffe, at the junction of High Lane and Long Lane (SD 429053), as well as singing Corn Bunting and Yellowhammer.

Then I spotted this Hedgehog walking along the verge on the Rainford bypass. It's not often I see Hedgehogs during the day, but this chappy seemed happy enough, and was eating a worm when I photographed him.

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  1. Hi Colin, Always interesting keeping up with your posts, I see you have had a few forays into our area, and Roundsea woods was on TV earlier.
    The Hedghog though was cracking, I havent seen one in ages not even a road kill, which is a bit worrying really.
    Anyway all the best Gordon.


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