Sunday, 24 July 2011

Grassington to Conistone, Yorkshire Dales

Today we had a nice walk in the Yorkshire Dales, from Grassington to Conistone. The most interesting part of the walk was from Grass Wood, through Bastow Wood and below the cliff to Conistone. The dry river valley of Conistone Dib was also botanically interesting. Here we saw the leaves of Bird's-eye Primrose, but they are long over for this year, and to see them in flower we would need to return next May or June. We saw a few birds, most notably a Hobby over Bastow Wood, where we also heard a Green Woodpecker.

Conistone cliff (left) and Conistone Dib (right).

Common Rock Rose (left) and Dark Green Fritillary (right). There were plent of these beautiful butterflies on the wing today.

Mountain Pansey (left) and Betony (right).

Fragrant Orchid.

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