Monday, 20 June 2011

A great few weeks

It's been a hectic few weeks, with not much time for posting to the blog, so here are a few photos from some of the spectacular places we have been.....

19/06/2011 - Y Garn, Cwm Idwal, North Wales
At 3100 feet this is the 15th highest mountain in Wales, and is just 100 feet lower than Scafell Pikes in Cumbria. It rises above Cwm Idwal and the Devil's Kitchen. It's just a 4 mile round walk to the summit and back to the car at Ogwen Cottage, but pretty tough going in places. Lots of botanical interest, with the main flowers seen including Globeflower, Welsh Poppy, Mossy Saxifrage, Starry Saxifrage, Fir Clubmoss and plenty of interesting sedges. Sadly no Snowdon Lily. I think we were probably too late. I didn't have my camera with me, so this photo, taken from the summit, is from my phone.

11/06/2011 - Malham, Yorkshire Dales
Spectacular scenary, and some great flowers, notably Globeflower, Bird's-eye Primrose, Mountain Pansies, Rock Roses and lots of great sedges and ferns. Saw a few Redstarts.

Malham Cove

Malham Tarn and Gordale Scar.

30/05/2011 - Berwyns
A stunning walk from Pistyll Rhaedr, the main birds seen were lots of Whinchats. Once again lots of nice sedges and ferns.

Hare's-tail Cotton Sedge

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