Sunday, 12 October 2008

Rainford Mosslands

Pink-footed Goose 10,000 (mainly Old Coach Road, with 2000 on Kings Moss)
Ross's Goose 1 adult seen very briefly in flight at 1:45pm
Curlew 131 (Old Coach Road)
Lapwing 300 (Old Coach Road)
Stonechat 1 m (Dairy Farm Road)

Staggering numbers of geese again, but frustratingly not often viewable, except when they took to the air. However towards evening they began to land on fields adjacent to the track to Old House Farm. There were at least 8000 birds in this one field, but still we couldn't see the Ross's Goose, though there were two leucistic Pink-feet. As we watched, two or three thousand more arrived from the west and landed out of view on Simonswood Moss. In total, we spent about 4 hours here for a 30 second view of the Ross's Goose in flight.

This is clearly now one of the most important roost sites in South West Lancashire for Pink-feet.

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