St Helens Bird Report 2006

In 2006 as secretary of the St Helens Wildlife Recording Group I collated over 21,000 bird records from the borough of St Helens submitted by 30 observers and produced the 2006 St Helens Bird Report. It was a mammoth effort by all concerned with records received from 362 days in the year of 153 species from 144 locations. As I wrote in the report, whilst there is always room for improvement, it’s difficult to imagine how a landlocked, industrialised area with no major bird reserves could received much more coverage.

I distributed it to many of the people who had submitted records plus a few others including the Lancashire Bird Recorder, but generally it just sits on my computer gathering digital dust. However I've recently found a way of publishing it on my blog which makes it far more accessible and I thought that I would publish it here. Obviously it's a bit out of date now but it may at least be of interest as a snapshot of how things were all those years ago. With Prescot Reservoirs and Eccleston Mere now more or less out of bounds to birders, we may never see the like of 2006 again.

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