Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Back to the Cumbrian coast again

Another glorious day on the Cumbrian coast, thank goodness for this job, it really does relieve lock down cabin fever. It's getting quieter now as it does in most places at this time of year as the breeding season gets into full swing.

First up today, a wonderful singing and displaying stonechat. Not a particularly rare bird but although the call is well known the song is not something I hear a lot of so great to hear it today, and even better to see the bird displaying. Nearby both common and lesser whitethroat were singing from the gorse, and a sedge warbler somewhere in the depths of the scrub.

Just along the beach a female wheatear. It looked huge and along with the time of year I assume this makes it most likely a greenland race bird.

About 30 eider loafed around on the sea over high tide and four or five red-breasted mergansers.

There are about 10 little egrets in the area, but waders are really down in number now with just two whimbrel, three curlew, a handful each of dunlin and ringed plover and about 100 oystercatchers. There was also a hooded crow on the beach and around 10 Sandwich terns on the sand at low tide.

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