Thursday, 9 April 2020

Lowton Bird Observatory, Day 17

Photo: Woodpigeon.
Almost the first bird of the day while I was eating breakfast was a new one for the garden and therefore also for this period of lockdown birding at the obs. To be honest I thought it was going to turn out to be a cormorant but thankfully I had a look through my binoculars and it was a greylag. This brings the overall garden list to 53 and the lockdown list to 43. A great start to the day!

More excitement by lunchtime, a meadow pipit flew over bring the lockdown list to 44 and I now have two coal tits in the garden. Species 45 flew over just after lunch, my first ever garden rook.

Twenty six species recorded in total today, my best ever day total for the garden.

Looks like we've got a hedgehog in the garden. Not bad, common pipistrelle bat, hedgehog and house mouse now confirmed in the garden over the past few days.

The fun didn't stop in the evening, this twenty-plume moth was in the house and our resident common pipistrelle was performing aerial displays at dusk. Wonderful!

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