Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Pennington Flash

A flying visit to Ramsdales hide early morning produced the hope for goods in the form of a pair of garganey resplendent in their summer plumage. I have seen them earlier than this at other places in the past, even once in February at Martin Mere, but this is the earliest date I have seen them at the flash. Of course I can't go into any of the hides because they're all locked, but there is a viewing slot at the side of Ramsdales.

Still plenty of goldeneye on the flash including a few cracking males, many of which were displaying in the beautiful spring sunshine.

Goldeneye displaying.

Perhaps the oddest sight of the morning was this roe deer which walked to the end of the spit and then tried to cross to the ruck before thinking better of it and turning back. Don't think I've ever seen a roe deer with a guard of cormorants before!

Blackthorn is now in flower.

As is gorse.

It's the time of year for queen bumble bees to be out and about searching for nest sites.

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