Sunday, 26 January 2020

Wrybills at Lake Ellesmere, Christchurch

I got the car stuck in the mud of Lake Ellesmere today and it cost me £125 to get towed out. To make matters worse, Elaine was with me. There, I said it, now can we move on please.....

While we were waiting for the tow company to rescue us I noticed a flock of wrybills next to the car. Elaine couldn't believe that I started birding again, but I did. Here are the photos.....

Wrybill is one of the most iconic of New Zealand birds, breeding on the same braided rivers that the black stilts call home, uniquely it has a bill which curves to the right. I've seen them previously at Miranda on North Island but it was nice to catch up with them again and especially since they were so obliging.

This is just part of the flock, in total there were easily 100 birds and probably a lot more.

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