Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Millford Sound

Milford Sound was every bit as good as they told us it would be. Eighth wonder of the world according to some and I'm not going to disagree. Not much to report other than amazing scenery and superb weather. Two kea flew over the ferry terminal and a couple of great white egrets chased each other around.

New Zealand fur seal.

Great white egret.

This little pied cormorant was of interest because in New Zealand unlike Australia the species has this black bellied form.

On the journey to and from Millford Sound we also passed through some pretty spectacular scenery.

New Zealand bluebell.

hebe sp.

These rivers are called braided rivers and are home to some decent breeding species, including black-fronted tern.

Black-fronted tern, the New Zealand equivalent of whiskered tern.

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