Thursday, 9 January 2020

A stop over in Singapore

On our way to New Zealand and Australia, we decided to stop off for three days in Singapore. It's absolutely not a birding stop but inevitably I was bound to pick up a few new species having never been to south-east Asia before. One of the commonest was this beautiful black-naped oriole and in total I managed 20 new species in Singapore. Most spectacularly I managed to find an unprecedented flock of 12 Himalayan Vultures themalling over the CPD, whilst most pleasing for me was getting a good look at blue-crowned hanging-parrots.

This is one of the pond herons, most likely Chinese Pond Heron I think.

Blue-tailed bee-eater.

Javan Myna

Red Junglefowl.

Large-billed crow.

We saw plenty of these water monitors, this one was about 1m long.

Greater racket-tailed drongo. As with many birds here, they are often in dense woodland or jungle where the light is very poor for photography.

We saw several smooth-coated otters, these were at the Botanic Gardens.

White-breasted waterhens were pretty common.

Yellow-vented bulbul.

Zebra dove.

Gardens by the Bay, a major tourist attraction in Singapore. From a birding point of view obviously daytime is the best time to be here.

However from a tourist point of view it really comes alive in the evening with a light show to the accompaniment  of music.

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