Monday, 11 February 2019

Show time! The Return of the Blyth's Reed Warbler

Incredibly, after six days of no-show, the Blyth's reed warbler put in the performance of a lifetime today at Hope Carr! I arrived on site at 9am and expected to be alone. However I immediately spotted Andy who urgently gestured me towards him. The Blyth's reed warbler was just a few feet away and showing amazingly well. Andy had already put the news out and soon we were joined by the original finder, Phil and the three of us watched the bird for 30 minutes or more before we were joined by Ray and Dave. This was Dave's first attempt to see the bird and within 30 seconds he'd seen it and photographed it! The bird continued to show well until at least 2pm when I left, and reports on the Manchester Birding Forum suggest that it was still showing well to at least 4:20pm. No idea where that performance came from today or if it will be repeated tomorrow, although one thought occurs; the bird was feeding actively all day. Perhaps tonight is the night it leaves? Who can tell with this bird.....

Spot the Blyth's reed warbler. It's right in the centre of the photo, and this gives a good idea of how skulking it can be at times!

Yeah, it's a horrible place, you leave it to me......


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