Friday, 21 September 2018

Warwickshire phalarope influx

It's that time of year again when grey phalaropes start turning up all around our coasts, but I didn't expect to see my first of the year in deepest inland Warwickshire, and I was even more surprised to see my second the following day in the same county! The first few photos here are of the second bird a juvenile which showed very well at Charlecote, a National Trust property near Stratford-Upon-Avon, whilst the final three photos are of the first, a bird at Napton Reservoir near Southam.

Meanwhile, at Napton Reservoir there was another juvenile grey phalarope. It didn't show quite as well as the Charlecote bird, but that was probably because it had a large expanse of mud to feed on unlike the other bird which was picking insects off the water close to the shoreline. Amazingly a second bird turned up at the reservoir the following day, by which time I'd long since left the county. One for next week if it sticks around!

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