Monday, 2 July 2018

Murray Point, Port Lincoln

Just south of Port Lincoln racecourse lies Greyhound road, which leads to Murray Point, an area which offers some of the best birding I have found in the vicinity of Port Lincoln. At low tide there is plenty of exposed mud and sand for shore birds, which include banded and white-headed stilt and red-necked avocet, whilst the scrubby areas inland hold more birding gems, in particular rock parrot. These cute little parrots might not be as colourful as some of their cousins, but they're my favourite. Offshore there are four species of cormorant including the south coast specialty, black-faced, as well as double figure counts of hoary-headed grebe and Australian pelican, whilst the impressive Pacific gull patrols the shore line. The common tern here is crested, but others include fairy and Caspian.

Rock parrots are such beautiful birds!

Banded stilts are relatively common in small numbers but I've never seen them as well as this before.

Red-necked avocet.

Black swan

Spiny-cheeked honeyeater occurs in the scrub adjacent to the beach.

Brush bronzewing

Common bronzewing occurs right in the heart of Port Lincoln, but this is the only site I know in the area for brush bronzewing. Other species of the scrub include stubble quail, New Holland honeyeaters and superb fairy-wrens.

Black-shouldered kite

Raptors include black-shouldered kite and Nankeen kestrel, whilst over the sea there is always a good chance of white-bellied sea-eagle and osprey.

Nankeen kestrel

Chestnut teal

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