Saturday, 9 June 2018

Parrots and Pelicans at Burrum Heads

If you like parrots Australia is the place to be! There's loads of them. Today I had some nice views of some really special birds. First off this is a galah, a fairly common bird  but it's not often I see them this well.

Little corrella.

This bird really took my breath away, it's a pale-headed rosella.

Australian pelican, just in case you didn't know!

Australian grebe.

Australian pied oystercatcher. Spot the difference from the European bird? Well maybe it's in the extent of the white wing bar, below.

What a stunner! Blue-faced honeyeater.

Mangrove honeyeater.

In the UK, an osprey builds a nest and it's either kept secret or the RSPB put up a viewing platform a mile and a half from the nest across the other side of the valley, fearing that the eggs will either get stolen or the bird will get shot or will desert from too much close attention. Yet here in Aus, the bird builds it's nest in a tree in full view right above the esplanade. It doesn't even try to pick a tree which is in the middle of the wood and out of view, it picks one which is on permanent view in the most obvious tree and right over the footpath. You can more or less walk right up to the bird within a few meters and it doesn't flush. Why are things so different? Could this really never happen in the UK?

Wandering whistling ducks.

White-faced heron.

White-headed stilts.

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