Sunday, 10 June 2018

A day in the eucalyptus forest

Pacific baza, a major target species for me on this trip to Australia. Now I really do feel like I'm in the tropics! This species feeds often in small groups on insects, nestlings and even frogs high up in the canopy.  There were two birds in this tree.

Eucalyptus forest is often thought of in a poor light in Europe, but just like pine, in it's natural environment it's a totally different habitat. Nobody would seriously compare a lowland tightly packed forestry commission plantation with the Rothiemurchus Caledonian pine forest, and similarly a eucalyptus forest in Australia is a completely different beast to eucalyptus plantations in Europe. Check out the understorey for one thing. It was alive with birds, all kinds of things from the Pacific baza to a wide variety of honeyeaters and parrots.

On any other day this would have been the highlight. Black cockatoos are just such enigmatic birds and this is the king of them all, red-tailed black cockatoo. It might not be a colourful bird, but it's a huge parrot with an imposing call. When it flies it's like a harrier or a buzzard going over. Awesome!

Spangled drongo.

White-bellied sea-eagle, ironically over the forest today not the sea!

Little wattlebird.

Wide expanses of sand, mud and mangroves at Burrum Heads.

Two sacred kingfishers.

Red-capped plover.

You can tell it's been a good day when this beauty is consigned to third place in the bird of the day award! Variegated fairywren

Grey teal

Crested tern and silver gull.

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