Friday, 25 May 2018

Temminck's stint, Pennington Flash

The past 15 Temminck's stints that I have seen have all been between 12th May and 25th May, so no great surprise to see one this week, though it was nice to get it at Pennington Flash where it was a site tick for me. Although not particularly elusive it's tiny size and the long viewing distance, combined with heat haze, the sun often in the wrong place and a myriad of boulders for it to disappear behind, to say nothing of the aggressive locals made it quite a challenge at times, and on more than one occasion this week I have arrived in the hide to be told that the bird hadn't been seen for hours, only for me to almost immediately relocate it (simply because I knew it's favoured spot and had my eye in for it). I also think that often people forget how small it is, little larger than a house sparrow. The supporting cast on Tuesday included two smart black terns.

Temminck's stint hiding from "Mallard" ducklings.

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