Monday, 8 January 2018

Caspian Gull, Pennington Flash gull roost

Caspian Gull

Day after day of doing the gull roost and a long day at the flash today in the freezing cold was finally rewarded with this fantastic bird...... and I saw it as well!

I was out and about on a non-birding mission when I got the call from John Tymon to inform me that he had found a 2nd winter Caspian gull in the roost from Green Lane at Pennington Flash. It was 16:15, nearly ten minutes past sunset. Could I get there, what chance did I have?? Only one way to find out, I set off for Green Lane, but no time to go home for the binoculars or the telescope, I didn't even have my coat, my hat or my gloves. All I had was enthusiasm and hope.

I pulled up alongside John, who thankfully was still there and he let me view the bird through his scope and take these few photos. Only at that point did I realise how cold it was and I decided that I'd done all that I could so I got back in the car and headed home. The light had completely gone, I had no optics, I had no warm clothing.

This is only the second ever Caspian gull at the flash, both found by John and both also seen by me!  It's clearly a different bird to the first which we saw just before Christmas, because unlike todays bird the first had a glaucous gull like bill, pink with a black tip.

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