Thursday, 6 April 2017

Viking Gull at Sandbach Flashes

This beauty was on Pumhouse flash yesterday with a 2nd summer Iceland gull. Viking gull is a glaucous x herring gull hybrid. Note the grey, not white, primaries.

I wonder how many times glaucous gull has been ticked at Sandbach recently on views like this? If I saw just this view of the bird, and in the knowledge that there has been glaucous gull reported from the site recently,  I'm pretty sure I'd call this a glaucous gull probably without looking too closely. Note the jet black "dipped in ink" tip to the pink bill.

However on this photo you can clearly see the grey primaries, meaning that this bird is clearly not 100% glaucous gull and is most likely a Viking gull.

Also today, my first little ringed plover of the year.

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