Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Off we go again!

It's that time of year again and 2017 looks like it might be my most exciting year of surveying so far. Today I took delivery of some fresh survey equipment in preperation for this years effort, and I thought I'd better take a photo before it all gets used! Perhaps the most exciting development for me this year is to be awarded a five month invertebrate survey because they come along so infrequently and they are generally amongst the most interesting of surveys. They're also very civilised surveys, needing to be done on warm sunny days with no requirement to be up at dawn or out until midnight. They make a refreshing change from newts, birds and bats. I may also be doing some NVC habitat surveys on peat bogs in Northern Ireland again this year, which is always exciting because I love the place, and peat bogs are a passion. I love the detail of NVC surveys, they're challanging for all sorts of reasons, and recently I've added some peat bog analysis into the mix to enable me to better comment on the health of bogs.

So the equipment on view here includes my blue NVC quadrat (in the forground), a Robinson moth trap, sweep net, pond net, butterfly / moth net, fish net, pitfall traps, bowl traps, telescope, binoculars, microscope, waders, GPS, hand lens, pooter, sample trays, propylene glycol, hard hat, head torch and a long pointy stick for testing the depth of peat. It looks like an exciting summer season ahead!

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