Thursday, 20 October 2016

A glorious autumnal day at Pennington Flash

For once I thought I was going to have a yellow-browed warbler free day, with no sign of the Houghton Green Pool bird this morning, but I just can't resist and when news came through that two were still in the area of the Teal scrape at Pennington Flash, I decided to head that way this afternoon. It took some finding, but I did manage to get a decent view of one of the birds, but I didn't hear either bird call once. The trees are a glorious colour at the flash at the moment

I might be able to find yellow-browed warblers even when silent, but somehow I managed to walk past and not notice 8 adult whooper swans near the car park. Fortunately they were still present when I was leaving. Star birds of the day though were 2 bearded tits from Tom Edmondson hide. Unfortunately I didn't manage to connect with these, but perhaps they're still present in which case there might still be hope for all of us.

The green sandpiper was at Houghton Green Pool, with 12 grey partridge and 11 wigeon.

When I was told about these whoopers, I expected them to be in the centre of the flash not just off the car park!

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