Sunday, 7 August 2016

Scafell Pikes

Today I had a great walk with Josh up Scafell Pikes via Styhead pass and the Corridor Route. It was nowhere near as busy as I expected, and we had plenty of time to do a bit of botanising on the way up. I was particularly interested in the ferns which we saw, and half hoped to find one of the rare woodsia ferns which grows here, but I couldn't find either species today.

Alpine clubmoss Diphasiastrum alpinum.

Fir clubmoss Huperzia selago.

Beech fern Phegopteris connectilis.

Hard fern Blechnum spicant.

Lemon scented fern Oreopteris limbosperma.

Parsley fern Cryptogramma crispa.

Starry saxifrage Saxifraga stellaris.

Yellow mountain saxifrage Saxifraga aizoides. I find this a very exciting species, probably because it brings back lots of happy memories of holidays to north west Scotland with my parents in my youth.

Carabus problematicus, a ground beetle over 25mm long.

Alpine lady's mantle Alchemilla alpina. Perhaps not the most spectacular flower, but the leaves more than compensate for that. A beautiful plant.

Styhead tarn with Great Gable to the left.

I love this juniper, it reminds me of a bonsai tree. It's probably twice my age!

At the end of a long day it's nice to get into the bar for a meal and a pint!

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