Saturday, 13 August 2016

Appleton Reservoir

I had a quick lunch time visit to Appleton Reservoir in south Warrington today. Highlight was a stunning hoverfly with a golden abdomen, Xylota sylvarum. Also a few dragonflies on the wing today, mainly common darters, but also a few brown hawkers including one female flying with its abdoment pointing downwards at almost 90'. Some female dragonflies fly like this after they have laid eggs, and it's thought to be a way of telling the males who would otherwise grab them and mate, that there is no point since the females can only adopt this posture when they have no eggs.

Also of interest today, a red-necked terrapin sunning itself on a log. These are alien species, released into ponds by owners who have grown tired of them for whatever reason, and they seem to be quite widespread these days.

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