Saturday, 21 May 2016

Porto Laurenco.

We had a great walk at Porto Laurenco this morning, with lots of endemic plants and my first Berthelot's pipits. Only a very few of the plants can I even come close to identifying except to say which family they are.

Atlantic Canary.

Berthelot's pipit.

Madeiran wall lizards eating an apple. I've seen Lilford's wall lizards do exactly the same on sa dragonera off Mallorca.

Ice plant, one of the specialities of this peninsular.

Argyranthemum pinnatifidum subsp. succulentum endemic to Madeira.

Lotus glaucus endemic to Madeira and the Canaries.

Andryala glandulosa endemic to Madeira.

Echium nervosum endemic to Madeira.

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