Thursday, 5 May 2016

Aquatic invertabrates on Anglesey

I came across some interesting aquatic invertabrates on Anglesey today. First off was a couple of golden-ringed dragonfly nymphs. I took one out of the water for a closer look, and then when I put it back it proceded to bury itself. Golden-ringed dragonfly is the largest of the UK dragonflies and its nymphs dig themselves into the mud at the bottom of streams to surprise prey.

Next I came acros a few magnificent leechs in a pond we were trapping for great creasted newts.  I think that these are the rare medicinal leech but I'm seeking expert advice on the identification and may go back for a second look tomorrow. They were around 15cm long! Medicinal leech is the only UK leech capable of breaking the skin of a human (so I'm told!).

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