Friday, 4 March 2016

Shorelark and Snow Bunting, Cleethorpes Beach

There was a cracking shorelark on the beach at Cleethorpes today, about 200m west of Buck Beck car park. Back in 1988 I saw a pair, including a singing male on near the summit of a Greek mountain. Todays bird was nearly the match of that, bright yellow in the sunlight and with a nice pair of horns as well. Also on the beach, a single snow bunting.

Year: 156 (Shorelark)

There's been a shorelark reported from Cleethorpes beach on and off since around Christmas, but it's been very difficult to catch up, possibly ranging as far as Tetney Marshes to the south and perhaps even Spurn on the otherside of the Humber.  Speaking to a local today he wasn't convinced that this bird was the same as that reported earlier in the year, but whatever the truth, it's a cracker.

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