Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Sherwood Forest

I spent a few hours first thing this morning in Sherwood Forest, brushing up on my woodlark surveying skills ahead of an imminent survey.  Woodlarks are only just arriving back in the country, but I had some insider information that they were already back and singing in Sherwood Forest, and I managed to find at least four birds singing. I don't see (or hear) a lot of woodlarks so a few hours watching them and listening to them at a known breeding site can prove invaluable refresher training rather than simply relying on recordings of their song. There were lots of yellowhammers, siskins and lesser redpolls in the area, and a green woodpecker was calling, but no sign of any crossbills. Still, a goshawk over was a good compensation!

Year: 174 (Woodlark, goshawk, lesser redpoll)

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