Monday, 21 March 2016

Moel Arthur to Pen-y-cloddiau

We parked at Cilcain and walked the Offa's Dyke footpath from Moel Arthur to Pen-y-cloddiau, a good 10 mile round walk. It was a beautiful spring day and there was plenty of bird activity.

This red kite was the first I have ever seen in the Clwydian range, but it wasn't popular with the locals, being mobbed by five buzzards, two ravens and a kestrel.

The ravens were not that keen on the buzzards either. These two photos really show the large size of the ravens.

This raven was on the footpath at the summit of Pen-y-cloddiau and allowed quite close approach.

Not too close though!

This green woodpecker was calling in the valley to the north of the ridge.

Looking towards Pen-y-cloddiau from Moel Arthur

Larch in flower. The pink flower in the male, the green is the female.


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