Sunday, 27 March 2016

Knot on the Wash

Today I was over at Skegness with Josh, and we called in at Gibraltar Point for a couple of hours. Despite the time of year and the east coast location, there was no sign of any migrants, not even a wheatear or a chiffchaff. Two firecrests were reported but we didn't look for them. Still, there were about 1000 brent geese on the saltmarsh, whilst on the mudflats at the end of Millenium Ridge there were lots of waders, especially knot, but also dunlin, redshank, grey plover and curlew.

Knot on the Wash mudflats. It's latin name is Calidris canutus, named after the king who tried to hold back the sea.

The old visitor center (on the left) was flooded during the tidal surge of December 2013 and has remained closed ever since. Two and a half years later the new center is nearly ready to be opened. Notice that it's on stilts!

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