Saturday, 2 January 2016

Pennington Flash

This evening I called in for a look through the gull roost. I positioned myself in the south-east corner because large numbers of birds were congregating there, and I was able to pick out the adult yellow-legged gull which has been seen roosting for about the previous 10 days, and also an adult Mediterranean gull with an almost complete black hood.

A quick walk around the flash this morning produced another 10 species for the year list, including water rail.

Year: 76 (Yellow-legged gull, Mediterranean gull, water rail + a few others)

Yet more rain today, but even so water levels are at least 1.5m lower than this time last week! Below are a few photos from the day after the great flood, when the spit was nowhere to be seen and Teal hide was inaccessible!

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