Friday, 1 January 2016

Raptor Fest to end the Year

I was back at Flitcham in Norfolk today for another look at the pallid harrier. It was a beautiful day in East Anglia, cloudless and perfect for flying raptors, and indeed I quickly got onto hen harrier, merlin, sparrowhawk and buzzard, but the star attraction was not for playing. After a long nervous wait, eventually the bird showed briefly, and then a few minutes later again, this time for longer. It was a bit more distant than on Boxing Day, but the  light was perfect, allowing me to get a good look at it and I was particularly impressed today by its rufous underparts in the morning sunshine. Then it disappeared and was not seen again.

So I didn't get the fantastic views which some lucky people have had, but at least I've seen it well on both occasions I have visited. There have been days when it hasn't showed at all, and even today it only showed very briefly and plenty of people left without seeing it. If it sticks around for the rest of the winter I may get opportunity to try again, especially if it moves back into Lincolnshire. Trouble is, having seen it twice, I must be due a dip soon!

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