Thursday, 19 November 2015

Pennington Flash

There was a shag on Pennington Flash today, from Pengy's hide. Apparently it's been there for three days. I only just got there before it went dark, and the bird was quite distant for photography. I did have my doubts when I first saw it, but it's clearly a juvenile shag with steep forehead, thin bill, pale throat and pale eye ring. I was expecting a generally paler bird, and the pale throat contrasting with the dark plumage threw me a bit. According to my books this makes it a juvenile rather than 1st winter, which would indeed be paler. I've certainly seen juvenile shags in breeding colonies, and 1st winters elsewhere, but I'm not sure I've seen this plumage before (certainly not at Pennington Flash!). It was a new bird for me at the flash.

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