Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Katoomba, Blue Mountains

We're in the Blue Mountains at Katoomba for the rest of the week and today had a walk to the Three Sisters. It's a little bit touristy but still a decent walk and fairly quiet away from the most popular bits. Birding was quite tough going and bird photography almost impossible but I picked up a few new birds including the spectacular eastern spinebill, crimson rossella, black-faced cuckoo-shrike and white-throated treecreeper. The hot humid weather of Port Douglas is now a distant memory, temperatures here peaked at about 17'C today!

There are loads of ferns in these woodlands, I particularly like these tree ferns. Very prehistoric looking. Not a lot of flowers though and that's been  a feature of the whole holiday, very few flowers either in temperate or tropical rain forest, or anywhere else for that matter, except  in people's gardens.

Pathetic. The best I could manage of the wonderful eastern spinebill.  Better luck tomorrow  I hope.

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