Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I'm a birder get me out of here: Tales from the jungle.

It took me less than half a day to decide that rain forest is not the habitat for me. A dark, damp, humid, sticky, monotone coloured place, devoid of life apart from green plants. At Mossman gorge I saw precisely three birds and heard just a handful of others, no butterflies, virtually no other insects and one flower.  It was just a sea of tall dense greenery of various trees, ferns and bryophytes. Dull, boring, uncomfortable. And Daintree was even worse. Give me the wide open spaces of mountains, estuaries, oceans and grasslands any day. Still I suppose you have to travel to see these places in order to realise what it is you really love.

Males yellow-bellied sunbird (in Port Douglas).

Female yellow-bellied sunbird.

Forest dragon.

Brush turkey

Brown backed honeyeater (at the Daintree ice cream place).

At least the trees are impressive with these huge buttress roots.

But let's be honest, this is dull stuff.

Pale-yellow robin

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