Monday, 19 October 2015

Early morning Port Douglas

I left Elaine in bed this morning and had an early morning reccy of the place. Loads  of fantastic birds about, many the same as yesterday including more un-photographable yellow-bellied sunbirds,  but plenty of new stuff too.

These included Australian swiftlet,  black butcherbird, bush thick-knee and white-breasted woodswallow. Also one or two which remain to be identified including a whistling duck species.

Star of the show though, without question the fantastic mudskippers in amongst the mangrove roots at low tide. Only about 2" long they're really smart things!

Bush thick-knee

Pied imperial-pigeon,  figbird and magpie-lark

White-breasted woodswallow.  A bit like a house martin in flight.

Black butcherbird, apparently quite a difficult bird to see, but this one was no problem.

Wow! You beauty!

More pied imperial-pigeons

Port Douglas is on the edge of a mangrove swamp, which is apparently alive with crocodiles, but I've not seen one yet.

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